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Shop Hip Hop TV is casting Musical Artists and Beat Producers with Original Music to sell your music all across America on Shop Hip Hop TV. All Original Music must be accompanied with Original Lyrics and not contain SAMPLES or any INTELLECTUAL PROPERTIES that are NOT OWNED OR NOT COPYRIGHTED BY YOU! Samples are copies of beats, music, sound/sound effects and/or vocals from another Person (that is not owned and not created by you) and Intellectual Property includes  small copies or snippets of tv programs, public events, private events, voice recording, film or other performance or any property captured from any form of media that is not created and/or owned by you! In addition, in order for you to make money and generate sales --- your Original Music must not be posted for free at other Social Media Sites as this will surely impact your Single Song Sales (allowing viewers at other Social Media sites to get your music for free)! 

Shop Hip Hop broadcasts in over 61+ Million Homes throughout the U.S. and in 29 Countries worldwide on the Roku Platform on Z Super Channel . These are the territories where your music will be broadcast for Instant Home Shopping TV Sales. To apply for Casting Consideration on Shop Hip Hop TV, please complete and submit the form below. We will contact you thereafter.